computational ecology

Timothée Poisot Assistant professor
Loves ecology; loves being inside more. Teaches data analysis, ecological modelling, and synthesis.

Current group members

Gracielle Higino Visiting PhD candidate
Biological interactions, environmental variables, and biogeographical species distributions.
Steve Vissault PhD candidate
Automated aggregation, synthesis, and forecasting of unstructured biodiversity data.
Zachary Bélisle MSc candidate
Variation in the composition of insect communities in forest fragments.
Andrew MacDonald Post-doctoral scientist
Automated image recognition for biodiversity monitoring.
Daphnée Lecours-Tessier MSc candidate
Data-driven estimation of wildland conservation value at various scales.
Mathilde Besson PhD candidate
Co-evolution and local adaptation in microbial host-parasite systems.
Eva Delmas PhD candidate
Ecosystem functions and food web structure.

Former group members

Kiri Stern Quant/Comp Biology MSc candidate
Prey use of generalist predators across their range.
Gabriel Dansereau Quant/Comp Biology MSc candidate
Spatially continuous identification of β-diversity hotspots using SDMs.
Sandrine Soeharjono Quant/Comp Biology MSc candidate
Development of indicators based on eBird data to survey urban biodiversity changes in Montréal.
Miléna Aragon Sustainable dev. MSc candidate
Overview of urban biodiversity initiatives in the greater Montréal area.
Fares Dhane Quant/Comp Biology MSc candidate
Training of a neural network for mammals recognition in Québec.
Piotr Szefer Visiting PhD candidate
Ecosystem functions and food web structure.
Alexandrine Frappier Undergraduate researcher
Review of best practices to use image recognition software on wildlife cameras.
Émilie Vinet Undergraduate researcher
Machine learning techniques to produce dynamics maps of land use from digitized and numeric maps.
Michiel Stock Visiting post-doctoral scientist
Pairwise learning to predict the structure of ecological networks.
Grégoire Bonenfant Undergraduate researcher
Measures of species complementarity in quantitative networks.
Dominique Caron Quant/Comp Biology MSc candidate
Inventory of open biodiversity data in Quebec, and creation of decision-helping tools.
Christophe Benjamin Undergraduate researcher
Automated extraction of phylogenetic data from species interaction networks.
Charles Cusson Informatics staff
Development of a better, more responsive interface for the database.
Cynthia Guéveneux-Julien Honors student
Planification, management, and restoration of landscape connectivity in the Laurentians.
Amélie Muller MSc candidate
Understanding how management programs could gain from studying the variability of plant-pollinator interactions.
Philippe Desjardins-Proulx PhD candidate
Applying machine learning and deep transfer knowledge to solve complicated ecological problems of all sorts.
Renaud McKinnon MSc Candidate
Interactions between trees from experimental plantations and their microbial ectosymbionts.