Data and software tools

Addressing new questions often requires to develop new tools. We develop statistical and mathematical approaches, implement them, and release them as free and open-source software to make analyses reproducible and reliable.

A lot of our work uses Julia, a high-performance language for numerical computing. We are developing a few of our own packages, and contribute to the EcoJulia project on GitHub.

We lead the development of the project, an open database of species interactions and associated packages. We think a lot about what the best practices for scientific software should be, and do a lot of training. We sincerely believe that good science requires good tools, and we want to help everyone build and use them.

Selected articles

Simulations of Biomass Dynamics in Community Food Webs
Delmas, E. Brose, U. Gravel, D. Stouffer, D. B. Poisot, T.
Paco: Implementing Procrustean Approach to Cophylogeny in R
Hutchinson, M. C. Cagua, E. F. Balbuena, J. A. Stouffer, D. B. Poisot, T.
Mangal - Making Ecological Network Analysis Simple
Poisot, T. Baiser, B. Dunne, J. A. Kéfi, S. Massol, F. Mouquet, N. Romanuk, T. N. Stouffer, D. B. Wood, S. A. Gravel, D.
EcologicalNetworks.jl - Analysing Ecological Networks
Poisot, T. Belisle, Z. Hoebeke, L. Stock, M. Szefer, P.