PhD, Microbiology and Parasitology, Université Montpellier 2, 2011

MSc, Ecology & Epidemiology of Parasitism, Université Montpellier 2, 2008

Maîtrise, Immunology, Université de Versailles–Saint-Quentin, 2007

BSc, Life sciences, Université d’Évry, 2006

DEUG, Life sciences, Université d’Évry, 2005

Outreach, etc

2017, Editorial on Open Data for environmental assessment, National Observer

2017, Nature Jobs interview, “Data Science for the rest of us”

2017, Invited speaker: “Intelligence: (r)evolution”, SÉRI Montréal


GRIL Data Derby grant, “Safeguarding historical data from the Station de Biologie des Laurentides”, 2018, 3k CAD

Canadian Wildlife Federation, “Science Bioblitz”, 2017, 15k CAD

FCI Leader’s fund award, Quantitative and Computational Ecology Laboratory, 2016, 160k CAD

QCBS Working group award, Stakeholder-engaged research for landscape connectivity management, 2016, 5k CAD

NSERC Discovery Grant, Causes and consequences of the variation of species interactions, 2015-2020, 125k CAD

FRQNT Starting investigator grant, Statistical approaches to the variation of biotic interactions, 2015-2017, 32k CAD, and 14k CAD for equipment

Université de Montréal starting grant, 2015-2018, 25k CAD

Canadian Institute of Ecology & Evolution working group, Community ecology at the continental scale, 2014-2015, 14k CAD

Academic citizenship

Mozilla Open Leader, 2017

Member of the Preprint Governance Task Force, ASAPbio

Member of the Community Engagement and Outreach working group, DataONE

Chair of the Open Science section, Ecological Society of America

Associate editor (software), PLOS Computational Biology

Associate editor (software), Methods in Ecology & Evolution

Board member, Société Française d’Écologie