How to apply?

If you are interested in theoretical approaches to community ecology and biogeography, want to work in a dynamic department, and are not afraid of inter-disciplinary approaches, then we offer a research environment where you will be able to pursue your scientific interests and learn new skills.

Before you apply, please have a look at some of our publications. The one with a little star next to them are the most representative of our core scientific interests. Knowledge of mathematics or programming is always a good thing, but being genuinely willing to learn is far more important. Remember that we are an ecology lab – we love using and building tools, but the questions we ask matter more.

To apply, send Timothée ( a single PDF with your CV, a one-page summary of your career aspirations and outline of your motivation and past research experience, and contact information of two references. </div>

Current opportunities

Funded opportunities

We currently do not have already-funded opportunities. See Other opportunities (just below) if you are ready to look for your own funding.

Other opportunities

If you have your own funding, or are interested in looking for external funding, you are invited to get in touch, and we can work on defining a research project that matches your interests.